JDeveloper, SOA Suite 12c

Creating WSDL from XSD file (Builder) in JDeveloper 12c

WSDL file construction is an important part of the SOA Design and Development stages. And before version 12c, the construction method was a little bit more complex than the way it can be done now. Here are a couple of great and well explained examples on how this could be accomplished in 11g:

This, among other great features, is an improvement inside the IDE of version 12c.

Now, after hitting “New > From Gallery” (or New > WSDL (builder) if it appears on the list) on a SOA or OSB Project, we can either go to “SOA Tier > Interfaces” or manually type “wsdl” on the search bar to bring “WSDL (builder)” up on the items list.



There you can create the file by providing its basic information like file name, location, namespace, etc. It’s worth noting that only on OSB Projects, the Binding option is given.


I noticed that on SOA Projects it is not there.


But if we get there, at that point we can continue to follow the same old instructions (drag and drop) for the Binding part.