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Unable to generate PDF report with OAG Analytics

I was working with Oracle API Gateway version 11.1.2 and we got to a point where our customer needed a report from what’s going through the API Gateway. This is where Analytics comes into play.

Oracle API Gateway Analytics monitors, records, and reports on the history of message traffic between API Gateway instances and various services, remote hosts, and clients running in a managed domain. You can use API Gateway Analytics to monitor traffic and perform root cause analysis at the level of the domain, API Gateway instance, service, remote host, and client.

For more information, please refer to the Oracle Documentation.

OAG Analytics was installed and configured. Apparently everything was ready to just open the console and generate the report needed, but we were facing a problem: The pdf file was not generating:



On the trace file, we found the following message:

INFO    05/Sep/2017:15:23:07.978 [1a5f:000000000000000000000000] Running scheduled report: null clients-id-1504642987963.pdf
ERROR   05/Sep/2017:15:23:07.978 [1a5f:000000000000000000000000] Error generating report - wkhtmltopdf is not installed

After hours and hours of research, found this document on Oracle Support that explains OAG uses a specific version of an external utility to convert html content to a pdf file (wkhtmltopdf). Oracle refers to this as “a problem related to the tool wkhtmltopdf itself” The needed version for this to work is the 0.10.0_rc2, and can be found here.

OAG needs this script to be installed on the following path:


Once you’ve done this, restart your oaganalytics instance and try again. You should be able to get your generated report and download the file on your local computer.



You can even schedule a report generation (on pdf or csv format) on a particular time of the day.


All these reports are saved on the OAG server’s filesystem under <OAG_HOME>/analyticsReports folder by default.

-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall   96 Oct  3 18:00 remote-hosts-1day-20170913.csv
-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall  173 Oct  3 18:00 system-resources-1day-20170913.csv
-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall 145K Oct  3 17:59 system-resources-id-1507071566911.pdf
-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall  124 Oct  3 18:00 systems-1day-20170913.csv
-rw-r--r--. 1 oracle oinstall 139K Sep 13 18:24 systems-id-1505345052319.pdf

Have fun!

OAG 11g

Virtualize and protect Web Services in Oracle API Gateway 11g

Oracle API Gateway is a comprehensive platform for managing, delivering, and securing Web APIs. It provides Integration, Acceleration, Governance and Security for API and SOA-based systems. Some of the features for each functionality are:


Identity Management

Third-party Identity Management infrastructures integration to perform authentication and authorization of message traffic.


Design to offer a highly flexible and scalable solution architecture. Administrators can deploy new API Gateway instances as needed, and deploy the same or different policies across a group of API Gateway instances as required.


REST support enables you to make enterprise application data and operations available using Web APIs. Converting legacy SOAP services, and deploy them as a REST API to be consumed by mobile apps is a great example.


Processing Offload

Offload the heavy lifting of XML from application servers and on to the network with high-performance core XML Acceleration engine (VXA), coupled with hardware acceleration.

Data Enrichment

Automatically populate content in XML and JSON documents from sources such as databases before they reach the consuming services.


Centralized Management

Web-based system management dashboard called API Gateway Manager provides centralized control of API Gateways and services in your domain.

Traffic Throttling

Protect services from unanticipated traffic spikes by smoothing out traffic. It also limits clients to agreed service consumption levels in accordance with service usage agreements.


API Management

Secure Web APIs against attack and abuse and enables to govern and meter access to and usage of Web APIs

Audit Trail

Satisfy audit requirements by enabling service transactions to be archived in a tamper-proof store for subsequent audit.

Basic Architecture

We faced a requirement on a project where we had to expose our current OSB Web Services publicly through the API Gateway, which was in the DMZ.

I made a detailed video on how to achieve this virtualization on the API Gateway, as well as the implementation of a policy to protect them. All of this with Policy Studio, a policy development and configuration tool for remote administration.

Here it is:

For more information on the Oracle API Gateway, please refer to the Oracle Documentation.